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      Frankfurter | elektronische | Rundschau | zur | Altertumskunde
      Die Publikationsplattform für Nachwuchswissenschaftler
      Begründet von Stefan Krmnicek & Peter Probst


  • Target group:
    Graduates and young scholars and researchers.

  • Professional orientation:
    Open to all classical studies.

  • Controlling of scientific level:
    Submissions are sent to the advisory board before accepting.

Details for the publication

  • Languages:
    German, English, Italian and French.

  • Citation:
    Please use only footnotes. Citation rules according to the different disciplines.

  • Format for submission:
    All texts should be typed in Times New Roman at 12 point and single spaced.
    Please format your greek texts with a Unicode font.

  • Illustrations:
    Illustrations can be displayed either all together at the end of the text or integrated with the text. Concerning the amount and size of illustrations there are no restrictions.

Please check your contributions before submitting. Correct texts and illustrations, as well the rights of publication, are the author's sole responsibility. Please take care of an adequate resolution of your illustrations.

Please send your submissions, and questions to kresimir.matijevic@uni-trier.de or peter.probst@uni-hamburg.de

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